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Making Sun Prints is super easy & a great way to use the sunshine!

Making Sun Prints is super easy & a great way to use the sunshine!

20 Clever Ways to Use a Pool Noodle... includes indoor and outdoor games and activities, a bike car wash, a water workout, obstacle course, and even a BABY ACTIVITY GYM!!!!... this is great!

20 Clever Ways to Use a Pool Noodle

20 Ways To Use A Pool Noodle DIY - By: Michelle HortonThose classic pool noodles are more useful than you think — rain or shine, summer or winter, inside or out. Whether you’re looking for backyard activities, party games, or just DIY craft ideas

Fluffy Bathtub Paint - Here's what to make after you've tried the "microwave a bar of ivory soap" experiment.

fluffy bathtub soap paint, reuse the fluffy paint from the ivory soap experiment!

Summer Activities - planning each week on Sundays, using 5 groups and not necessarily assigning one day as THE craft day

Love this for the summer: Mom puts together lists under five different categories - Oh the Food we will Eat, Oh the Service that can be Done, Oh the Places we will Go, Oh the Crafts we will Make, and Oh the Activities we will Do

There are lots of neat ideas but I am mainly pinning this so I can remember the Angry Birds cans. The kids would love this. You could also add wooden blocks and create larger structures to knock down.

50 Sensational Summer Crafts for Kids. This looks like a cool angry birds game just get plush birds to throw.

A fun garden craft with kids! Use rocks and paint to create a caterpillar!

Garden Rock Caterpillar

Garden Rock Caterpillar A fun garden craft for kids! Rocks and paint create a rock caterpillar! Should you have a passion for arts and crafts you'll will really like this website!

15 Ways to Play with Cornstarch (Cornflour) from Fun at Home with Kids

15 Ways to Play with Cornstarch (Cornflour)

Play Create Explore: Ice Cream Dough: New Play Recipe! cup hair conditioner 1 cup cornstarch add color and scents!


"Great idea for kids: Buy a white plate (dollar store) and let the kids make a picture with sharpie pens, then bake @ 350 x 30 minutes.

100 (More!) Things to Do This Summer

100 {more} things to do in this summer: printable checklist (put this one and the other one in an anti-boredom jar and let the kids draw out an activity when they're looking for something to do)

bubble refills, great idea for an outside birthday party

DIY Bubbles Refill Container: La-La's Home Daycare. What a great idea. My kiddo usually dumps over the bottle so this would be perfect for preventing that.

Bau einen Fluss aus Alufolie im Garten.

32 preiswerte Aktivitäten, die Deine Kinder den ganzen Sommer beschäftigen werden

You will find MORE than 101 crafts year. - lots and lots of crafts for kids - the majority frugal, fun and super easy!

Things To Make - Easy Kids Crafts

Snowy day activity: Fill bottles with food coloring and water; go outside and paint.Ive got to remember to do this!.

Poppy’s Pagan Planning Imbolc (3)

Snowy day activity: Fill bottles with food coloring and water; go outside and paint./ I like the effect of a squirt bottle rather than a spray bottle.

500+ Things to do With Your Kids - SlapDashMom.com

Turn Off The TV And Do These 100 Things Instead

50 summer crafts for kids especially like the painted skirt! - it would be fun to send home summer craft idea with kids before they get out for break

Dip cotton balls in a mixture of flour, water, and food coloring. Bake for 30 minutes. Then have fun smashing them open!

Pinspiration: Hammer Time!!

Making Boys Men: Bashing baked cotton balls (goggles optional!) A site for boy fun and activities