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    Hustle while you wait.

    I can't choose what the world does to me; I can only choose what I do to the world.

    Life's too short to take seriously.

    Before I can meet someone special, I have to be someone special.

    Your time can be spent or invested; it just can't be saved.

    The difference between winners and losers isn't falling down; it's getting back up.

    We get what we create.

    The easy way out is the hardest way up.

    Hurdles are opportunities to discover how high you can jump.

    The best advice you'll ever get in your life is the advice you give other people.

    Life is too short to settle and too long to suffer.

    Make the hard decision you're afraid to make so that you avoid living the hard life you're afraid to live.

    'Letting go' means 'making room.'

    Love is an action; it's something you do.

    I cannot control the way I am perceived, only the way I am presented.

    Repurpose the past. Renew the present. Rethink the future.

    Relationships with people will always be your most lucrative, renewable resources.

    Be generous with what you have and you'll get more of it.

    You are not what happens to you. You are how you respond to what happens to you.

    Great relationships don't make you happy; they contribute to your happiness.

    Design your life one choice at a time.

    'Impossible' is just another word for 'hasn't been done yet.'

    When we improve ourselves, we improve the world.