For the average American, a home alarm system may be the extent of his or her security detail. But for the super-rich, it’s another story. They’re taking security to a new high in technology and price. With billionaires worried about protestors, pirates and kidnappers, they’re fortifying their homes, yachts and even private jets with high-tech security. The price tag to equip homes of the super-rich can be as cutting edge as the technology. Check out the slideshow to have your mind blown.

New High-Tech Home Technologies

RV sales have improved along with the economy. Lower priced towables and trailers, with price tags that can start at around $10,000, led the recovery.

Abercrombie & Kent offers an $80,000 private-jet safari.

For those who attend the Olympics, the trip goes something like this: helicopter from the private jet into the city of London; yacht from the heliport to Olympic Park; after-party at the Box Nightclub. Click through this AP photo to see what it costs.

College travel for the 1 percent. Private jets.

Cutting Corners in a Good Way! Three corner drawers are surrounded by a three-tiered pullout shelf on each side.

Thinking about taking a private Jet to Brazil for the World Cup?

Now boarding: the Four Seasons-branded private jet, with bookings available from $100,000.

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then this is her BFF. This ring is not your average diamond ON a ring ... the diamond IS the ring. Price tag? $70,000,000. It doesn't get more luxurious than this, ladies. (Photo Credit:

The winestation- wine dispensing for my home. Napa Technology

@Brizo's Talo Kitchen Faucet with SmartTouch Technology

The best of the new travel gadgets.

Luxury Travel

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Meet Turnbull & Asser Shirts: These “off-the-rack” button-down classics are all handmade in England. The shirts are designed from 36 pieces of fabric that pass through 17 hands for quality craftsmanship. Additionally, the mother-of-pearl buttons that adorn the shirts have been cultivated for seven years. If you're interested in a more custom look, the price range for bespoke shirts is 360 - 590 dollars. A minimum order of six shirts is required.

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