Love everything about this picture

Love this shot!

Beautiful pose

love this shot of the wedding couple in a siloutte together

beautiful shot

If my baby brother is still little and cute when I get married, this photo will be happening.

we will HAVE to get a picture like this! It's the most endearing thing in the world and he loves to do it all the time!

First dance shot angle

Beautiful. I want a photo like this.

75 new must-have photos with your groom

love this shot

What a fun wedding photo idea!

Flower Girl... dreams of being a bride someday.

This is such a romantic photo

i want a picture like this with my sisters

wedding ideas

Wedding Photo Ideas - even better take a photo where bride is running, in wedding dress, to catch groom on train. Or both are running together.

cute bride pose to try with the groomsmen.

Bridal party picture

This is adorable!