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TBD-1 Devastator

Crew of the American aircraft carrier USS Enterprise servicing Douglas Devastator torpedo bombers on deck during maneuvers off Hawaii sept 1940 - Life Magazine from March

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B-17 over the Golden Gate Bridge

neighborhoodr-sanfrancisco: Flying Fortress Flies Over The Golden Gate Bridge ”

F2H-2 Banshee aircraft of Fighter Squadron (VF) 172 pictured being serviced by maintenance personnel are on the flight deck of the carrier Essex (CV 9) operating off the coast of Korea.

Three U. Navy McDonnell Banshee of Fighter Squadron Blue Bolts on the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS Essex in august 1951

Aircraft and ground crew of Boeing B-17F-25-BO Fortress "Hell's Angels" (41-24577) of the 358th Bomb Squadron 303d Bomb Group RAF Molesworth. This was first B-17 to complete 25 combat missions in the 8th Air Force on 13 May 1943. After completing 48 missions the aircraft returned to the U.S. on 20 January 1944 for a publicity tour

*Wine bottle holder with successful wine bottle markers" Hell's Angels Flying Fortress Bomber Ground Crew - 1943

B-24 production

Assembly line for the bomber in Ft. Worth Texas, What’s known as the United States Air Force Plant 4 is one of the many different locations where the assembly of many different military equipment completed. This particular plant is located.

Curtiss P-40 C "Warhawk"

Classic Aircraft Photography, Air To Air photos taken by Gavin Conroy.

Revealed... 70 years on: The forgotten hero who became the first U.S. air force…

Revealed... 70 years on: The forgotten hero who became the first U.S. air force officer killed in Europe in World War II

Liberator in Flight. This plane was actually the worst plane of WWII.

B-17 and  B-52

B 52 bomber,B 17 flying fortress,and a B 52 Stratofortress bomber.

The next two aircraft would be the SB-2C and the A1 Skyraider

The next two aircraft would be the and the Skyraider

Is Truth Stranger than Photoshop? — Keith Thomson

Is Truth Stranger than Photoshop?

The experimental bomber Kalinin was designed and tested by the USSR in the It completed seven test flights before a crash in 1933