This homemade costume for girls entered our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest.

Bubble Girl - Halloween Costume Contest at

Bubble Girl - Homemade costumes for girls. Love the idea. MaKenna is fascinated with bubbles right now.

Creative Halloween Costume: DIY Piñata Costume! #diy #halloween #costume

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Pinata Costume - the maker said "I used a glue-gun to cover a tan dress with layers of streamers to make a Piñata costume!" (To make it a couples costume the boy could be a birthday boy or wear a sombrero)

Crazy Cat Lady Costume...thanks @Julie Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Shoemaker ! Verrrry funny!

Crazy Cat Lady - Halloween Costume Contest at

Disfraz de cadáver en bolsa - Creepy Corpse in a Body Bag Costume

Creepy Corpse in a Body Bag and Coroner Couple Costume

cotton_candy possible halloween costumes

D.I.Y Girls Halloween Costumes

How to Make a Cotton Candy Costume. If you're looking for a costume that reflects the sweeter side of Halloween, a cotton candy theme may just be the costume you're looking for. This delightful homemade cotton candy costume is quick and.