To put on my wall...and look at it and think, "my life is really not that exciting, and I waited 11 years for my letter to Hogwarts, and now all I have is this fake broom hanging on my wall."

Harry Potter Quidditch game

Harry Potter glasses


The Scarlet Hawk, a wizard broom of unparalleled excellence #Quidditch

Guitar Broom - WANT! #brooms

The Phantom Phlyer, the perfect broom for apprentice wizards and those looking for a casual flying sweep #Quidditch

children's brooms

Witches Broom

Brooms, Brooms, and Brooms by mich, via Flickr


I volunteer!! As long as I get my Hogwarts letter.

broom parking

Ginny Weasley became a professional Quidditch player for a few years, then retired to become a Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet .

Fall brooms

Quidditch Snitch Be Cray Shirt

Training brooms. ;)

Lego Quidditch field by Jannie Sasson.

Brooms Print

The Witches Brooms