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It's from the island of Mauritius, which most people will only know as the small island off Madagascar that's not Réunion. The heavy sweetness at the onset is vanilla, a fragrant, almost jolting sweetness you'd only associate with cake. Then comes a sugary middle, topped by a spice at the end the official flackage says is nutmeg but comes off more as cinnamon.

Ambalavao (Madagascar). 'Gabled roofs poking through the treetops in Ambalavao give the illusion of a European alpine village, only to be dispelled by the noise of hundreds of zebu at the country’s biggest livestock market; elegant Malagasy people in their felt hats and finery; and the roar of ramba-rambas (carts) being pushed through the streets.'

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

The magic of Madagascar: Staggering landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty in the world's most unique ecosystem