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Mixing-Paints-Guide-Sheet colour mixing challenge for kids- can you make these? What others can you make create their own mixing reference charts

How to Paint Using Watercolor Techniques by Jody Bergsma (Frogs). It has very precise instructions including how to mix shadows. A little technique is helpful for watercolor.

Eraser Review - I am an artist and I draw with graphite everyday. I LOVE this review! It is accurate. I tested it myself. I LOVE, Faber-Castell Dust-Free erasers. And the Faber-Castell perfection pencil eraser for fine details.

How to Paint with Watercolors-Watch first, has basic info. about what type of brushes and paper to use and what supplies you'll need to begin.

Watercolor Techniques with Don Andrews - Color Theory-Mixing Colors Part 2 - The Demonstration - YouTube Colorful Grays