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snowman built around mailbox.  Fun idea

This is a great idea! These people made a snowman around the mailbox. The mailbox is the mouth of the snowman. I bet the mailman smiled when he put the mail in this one! How could you not smile?


Here are some simple and geeky ideas that just might be borderline genius. <<<<lol this is crazy but awesome xD

By crybdr~ So, I made this snowman on Saturday March 22nd. He was about 8 feet tall when I finished with him. Over the past few days he has started to lean to his right side. I thought it would be funny to take a picture as if he was looking around the tree in my front yard. He seems scared or sad......maybe he knows his fate. I don't think he'll make it past Tuesday.

Snowman Saturday March 2008 "I don't think he'll make it past Tuesday.

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Make your mail boxes look fun during winter. Build a snow man around the mailbox

Pretty marbles

29 Ways To Rock A Snow Day With Kids (Even If The Power Goes Out)

*Colored ice balls* Fill balloons with water and add food coloring- red and green would be great around christmas! (be careful not to let the food coloring escape!), once frozen cut the balloons off and voila! Look like giant marbles :)

I am so doing this to random vehicles this winter.

Might as well have fun with the snow and put a smile on someone's face during the winter! I am so doing this! The kids will have fun.


Disney Pixar Cars in a Parking Lot of Snow: Someone decided to animate all the cars parked in the snow outside! They resemble the cars from the movie "Cars" by

snow caterpillar...For years as the children grew up their Dad would go outside and make snow sculptures with them...Dolphins they could ride on, dog, quarterhorse, snowmen, etc. Fun!....Golddust

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