Made just like the no sew blankets just in a circle and stuffed with polyfil :)

How To Make No Sew Floor Pillow

No sew sleeping bag. Would be such a cute gift idea for a kiddo!

Have Your Baby's Hospital Blanket made into a plush by numsies

Adventures of a DIY Mom: No Sew Fleece Blanket - Rather than knotting

DIY Baby Girl Onesie :)

This is a great idea!

Taggie blanket toy... easy peasy and great for scraps.

A soft, quilted wearable blanket features open sides and a reversible design. Open at the base, it won't restrict little feet and allows for hassle-free midnight diaper changes.

no sew fleece tie blanket edging alternate

That's genius

How to make a no sew baby shopping cover

Baby blankets

Oh boy this would be the best baby shower gift ever! 6 in 1 baby 'blanket'. Cover for: carseat, highchair, shopping cart, nursing, stroller blanket and playtime blanket. $24 from Keekoo

Starbucks Baby Blanket great for a baby shower gift!

9 Beautiful DIY Baby Blankets This bubble one is awesome! Fill it with crinkly material and other noises and textures and it would keep a baby entertained for a while.

DIY Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial; perfect project for any age or ability #sewing .jpg

Giant Floor Pillows DIY {Home Accessories} This would be cool for downstairs mom. Like when we have family movie nights or sleepover or something. A little extra seating for us kiddos. and we could just get bean bag beans.

Baby Shower Gift