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Check out these great package designs by student Tess Yoonji Lee from The School of Visual Arts.

01.18.2013 | Product packaging for the Bowery Pickler by micnic #pickles #pickling #neutral

01.18.2013 | Product packaging for the Bowery Pickler by micnic #pickles #pickling #neutral

Lemoncello - love the homemade packaging.  I've made Lemoncello but it never looked as nice as this : )

Homemade limoncello for favors or holiday gifts, with perfect presentation. Mu husband just made his first batch of limoncello, so this is a great idea!


For those of you looking for a liquid sweetener to replace honey and agave, this cane syrup is thick and viscous and has a caramelized flavor. Flavored versions are coming soon. Also see Lil Shuga, which is part sugar, part stevia!

Outstanding Package Design | From up North

Packaging inspiration

BVD_Lemonaid e gave Lemon­aid and Charitea unique, char­ac­ter­is­tic pack­ag­ings in which the con­tent plays a highly vis­i­ble lead­ing role. Pack­ages that is hon­est, attrac­tive and dis­tinc­tive. Pack­ages of long last­ing visual integrity.

Condiment Packaging Label

Hand-written type and packaging for a high class condiment line. Inspired by Sir Kensington himself. Ketchup Plus

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Naked Beer Concept

Naked Beer Concept

Naked Premium Beer Packaging - If a company has pride in its products then surely an honest exposure of them is a clever merchandizing strategy. Naked Premium Beer packaging tell.

mown grass ...this is weird because I was just thinking yesterday how much I love this smell

Creative Packaging Designs mown grass / packaging funny ad Very funny ads funny ad