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Elephant Bank UO $12 - because a certain 1 year old already needs a piggy bank!

Not usually gigantic on elephants or on banks but put the two together and put some orange on it and all the sudden I want it.

And then this guy to round out the faux closet/pretty way to hang my purse and jackets in my non-existent entry way.

What could be cuter! (KO) Do you happen to have any peanuts, Madame? I don't want to get out of the pool, but I'm really hungry. Don't tell my Mommy, ok? She said I've had enough peanuts today. (Naughty)!

Norsu Elephant Bank by MK Tresmer: Made in Finland of glossy plastic with a coin slot on the top and a lock with a metal key on the bottom. These used to be given away by a Swedish bank Föreningsbanken. Available in 9 bright colors. $15 #Norsu #Elephant_Bank

Aww, elephants are lovely. Those fences shouldn't be in her way begin with.

He was older than any other animal, older than the oldest clown, and much, much older than the circus itself.

Want to visit Africa, too! And take a ride on an know get the authentic experience haha!

The time spent, wasted, but I still choose to move on. Wise beyond my years and your expectations of me. It's time for me to use the knowledge that I've acquired, my memory, to look forward to the future and brighten my days. I'll never forget the magnificence of what a good change can do for someone.