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  • Anna Spanna

    Child Labor: Manila, Philippines. Charcoal factory by Mio Cade ....."She requested me to take a photo of her playing the hula hoop. She was so happy to be photographed and kept asking for more photos. Kuya, photo me, Kuya photo me! I remember her sweet voice. --Children are employed for their small sizes and cheap salary. They could easily crawl into those small pits behind. But the condition is really terrible. Hot, smoky, polluted and bad for health."

  • E l i z a b e t h

    Jesus love me this I know....<<< For the bible tells me so...

  • Britta Loucas

    Today, a brief glimpse at life inside a charcoal factory in a slum outside of Manila. Families, including young children, work in these factories making charcoal or scavenging in dumpsters for food and other supplies. The area is called Ulingan, the literal translation being “place where charcoal is made”. Photographer Mio Cade captured this moment in March 2010 of a little girl playing with a makeshift hula hoop.

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