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Captain Athena

Resultado de imagen de Howard Pyle paintings of pirate ships

www.3sistersrum.com Our Rum is in the first stages of production. Come and see our story and when our Rum will be available for public consumption. Pirate products will be available as well.

pinupgirlsart: “ Pirate Queen by MichaelDooney ” A fantastic looking lass who could be on any scalliwags arm!

rrrrrrrrrr pirate !

A new sexy pirate girl, I don´t remember how many commissions I did featuring pirates. This time, it´s a drawing for the image of a bar in Utila, Honduras. I hope you like it and don´t forget to .

Wenches, and Fashion on Pinterest | Pirate Woman, Pirate Wench and ...

Wenches, and Fashion on Pinterest | Pirate Woman, Pirate Wench and ...

The Legend of the Black Freighter: dreamed of by a serving girl in a tavern. One day it will come, level the tavern and its obnoxious clientele if not the whole town... and then declare the serving girl Pirate Queen and sail over the horizon with her.

The Legend of the Black Freighter: Lila dreams of being part of a pirates crew. Heck she'll take serving girl if she can get it. But that all changes when she sees the Black Freighter.

Pioneers, Pirate Ships, and Bob Dylan

oldfarmhouse: “ a violet dream
“Colors of Summer 🍓 Wish Love and strawberries to all ”

"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky."

Pirate's moon....

I want to sail the sea again, where the lonely moon's in the sky, all I ask for is tall pirate ship and a star to steer her by ~ Pirate dream