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    Matt Smith: reaction 1: Nooooooo! reaction 2: Noooo! reaction 3: David Tennant noooo! reaction 4: Okay he's kinda of crazy looking... reaction 5: something not quite right here... reaction 6: starting to accept... reaction 7: maybe he can do it... reaction 8: But, David Tennant, noooooo! reaction 9: accepting... new Doctor reaction 10: Matt Smith... okay... reaction 11: Fish fingers and custard, okay... starting get it... reaction 12: Bow ties are cool... Wear a fez now... Okay, Matt Smith is cool... reaction 13: Stormageddon! I love this guy!

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I've come around to believing Matt Smith is the Doctor. He really kinda fits better... I can almost believe he is an alien... who cannot control his hair. ;-)

Links to a list of fine looking men in suspenders. Not a fan of them all, but, ya know.

#MattSmith Why didnt he participate in any Vampire film/TV series?

Matt Smith to join Ryan Gosling's directorial debut How to Catch a Monster also with Saoirse Ronan and Christina Hendricks (poor guy...note the sarcasm). And he is not leaving Doctor Who for awhile. This makes me very happy.

Matt Smith. he looks totally different with some stubble and an emo face

Matt Smith is only able to appear cool in very brief moments. 0.12 seconds after this picture was taken, he tripped over a gum wrapper and then chased a butterfly. <---pinning for that incredibly accurate description of Matt Smith

Matt Smith - I'm not actually of the opinion that he's drop-dead gorgeous, but he's quite cute in this pic :)

Why are you interrupting my Book Time? Book Time is very important. Yes, I understand that a spaceship is about to crash into the earth, but this is Book Time. Go away. Oh, and my book!

Matt Smith...still cant tell if he is actually attractive or if im just madly in love with a mad man with a box

Matt Smith- I promised myself I wouldn't love him. But, he's just so, I don't know, adorable! David Tennant is still my favorite Doctor though.