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    • Maria Bini

      ღღ DIY Wall Art - attach upholstery fabric to your wall with liquid starch... (if you're a renter, it will peel right off when it's time to move)

    • Tammie Chandler

      Fabric attached to the wall with liquid starch. GREAT for apartments you can't paint. Dorm rooms accent walls in your own house, borders love love love this have done this many times never fails! Great way to add stripes to a wall!!!

    • Kerry Sensenig

      Cool idea! Fabric attached to the wall with liquid starch...peels right off if you move. Awesome for rental homes and dorm rooms.

    • Sam Anderson

      fabric on walls with liquid starch? endless dorm room possibilities. goodbye cinderblock apartment:)

    • December Williams

      Attach fabric to your wall with liquid starch. The nice thing is that you can pull it off by rolling plain water over it and it leaves no mark on the paint! Great way to change out colors, seasonal decor and refreshing stale rooms at very little cost. Try doing it with scarves for small areas. Very cool idea!

    • Chell Maxwell

      Fabric wall very cool idea for different types of applications . Use liquid starch and fabric will stay up for 2 years and then can be removed without damaging your walls

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