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We sit down with the Japanese metal sensation to discuss what drives them


My Japan Box - Premium box of japanese products sent from Japan

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did i ever tell you how obsessed i am with babymetal

BABYMET​​AL CD&DL - Imgur上のアルバム


Babymetal fan art "Breaking the Law" by Hirokazu Sato

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BABYMETAL. i love this japanese band!!! talk about some little badasses!!!

Japanese animated Interviews and essays by the Boston Phoenix's pop, rock, jazz, rap, and classical critics

【画像】BABYMETAL「SU-METALの十字架磔写真+凛と美しくカッコかわいいすぅちゃん特集!」 : BABYMETALまとめたる

【画像】BABYMETAL「SU-METALの十字架磔写真+凛と美しくカッコかわいいすぅちゃん特集!」 : BABYMETALまとめたる

Young Guitar: BABYMETAL talk "Metal Resistance" & importance of Kami Band - Unofficial Babymetal Fan Site

A new segment of the extensive interview of Young Guitar with BABYMETAL. In this part the girls talk in depth about the new album “Metal Resistance” released worldwide on April 1 bu…