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from From up North

25 creative and effective ads

I think this baby or condom ad is more effective. Simply because of the white background instead of the blue, the logo pops more. The concept is still simple and kind of funny. Also, the actual product is shown, which makes the ad more effective.

e angry, but don’t sin — don’t let the sun go down before you have dealt with the cause of your anger” Basically, don’t go to bed mad at each other. But I want to offer one exception t

Advertising their new high beams mini decided to put some other powerful lights facing skywards to promote their new car. The lights shone high into the sky which was prominent for miles around and because it was a busy road thousands must have seen it. Simple but effective use of bright lights.

This is a neat idea for an advertisement. Kit Kat's slogan is break me off a piece of that kit kat bar. The bench are actual kit kat pieces and the wrapper signifies the breaking. They took something very ordinary and use it to create something great.