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Love sharing a kiss over your shoulder

You could break out of this very easily. You don’t because it’s not the material that’s holding you, it’s the idea in your mind.

There was an echo it seemed. The tiny click of cuffs closing magnified in her mind. Multiple reverberations bouncing off the walls of her brain. Like an ending, a closure of innocence lost and found again, in a breathless second. Can anyone ever really know what they will leave behind until its left. No more thoughts, no more words, no more doubt. Only him …

See what happens to men who are caught reading that poorly written book… You know that book! * look at that tie * for a hint….. Oh so kidding!

He’d said: “let’s hook up after practice”. He said: “I’ll take you somewhere new”. He took me places I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams.

His deep voice growled as he heard her say, Yes Sir, in response to his command. What are you going to make me do for you, Master? I will make you scream, as he stroked over his impressive length.

So - take that first step. The first of many. And as you do - make sure to relax, breathe, and fall into your Dominant. Bring the qualities that make you amazing in your vanilla existence to your efforts as a submissive - but do not force it. Follow your natural instincts - your hungers and your true cravings.



beautflstranger: i shall have you whenever and wherever i wish…understood? good girl. beautflstranger 2012

studentofsubmission: Sir leaned forward slightly and whispered in his sweet girl’s ear. You look lovely tonight my girl.  Beautiful woman, beautifully dressed, and all mine…all mine.

No control ....

Watching you dress. Laying there. Exhausted. My eyes taking you in. Your strength. Your power. The air full of your scent. I breathe in. A smile on my lips. You laugh. It fills the room. ‘What little one? What are you thinking?’ Again my eyes roam over you. Remembering how you played me so well. ‘You. Just you. Always you…’ © Words by deepestdesires

You’re My fully owned little submissive. My power will overwhelm you.





such a good girl...

Kiss me

This is mine... and I want to hear you say it.... I want to hear you say "That is yours Sir"

Our Private Playground...

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