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Then, a quest started. A quest for the mythical creatures that had always been loved, needed, and sometime, hated.

"You might want to get out of the city tonight." "Why?" "I'm planning to burn it to the ground."

I got tired of 30 day writing challenges that were just lists of stuff about you. So I created a 30 day writing challenge that is 30 flash fiction writing prompts.:

"Hm," I said, "You might have the same...ahem, problem I do." He looked at me curiously. "I'm half demon," I blurted it out before thinking. He blinked. " Wait, are you saying I'm a-"

Denver and Ryan - "Yeah, it's been doing that for the past five minutes." "Why didn't you tell me?!" "I didn't think you would listen." "It blinking is bad!" "Well, I figured that much out by now!"