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heres to those guys

Here's to the guys that love us the losers that left us and lucky ones who get to meet us

Unless its your man teasing you :)

If a man whistles at you, do not respond. You are a lady, not a dog. - Adele I have been saying this my whole life!

He is out there and things will happen when i'm more ready and when Heavenly Father knows its the right time. until then im just finding myself and trying to become a better person.

I'm single, simply because I can't find someone who's worth my time and my love and my life.

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15 Feel Good Winnie The Pooh Quotes

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I may not be the girl everyone wants - http://www.loveoflifequotes.com/love/i-may-not-be-the-girl-everyone-wants/

I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but at least i'm not the girl that everyone's had - It's been my motto for years :)

Cinderella - Never Look Back #pintowin #napoleonperdis #cinderella

Quote Wednesday #1

Love this quote! "Never look back. If Cinderella went back to get her shoe, she would have never been a princess.

That's right!!

I ain't afraid to love a man. I ain't afraid to shoot him either. -- Annie Oakley Soooo how I feel lately. Aint afraid of nothin!

i feel like girls really need to read this. including me. its so true. you are beautiful exactly the way you are. and just because you see some other girl who is pretty, it doesn't mean you're not. remember that.

hahaha. single > devaluing your own values/morals to please someone

Well said. apparently i'm gonna have to lower my shirt, self esteem, self respect and morals to get a guy these days. Clearly i'm better off single

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Cinderella never asked for a prince . she asked for a night off and a dress . 9 Quotes To Remind You Why Being Single Is Awesome - Single Girl Quotes .