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I'm Saz, I'm 20 something. Be warned that I sometimes post images that are explicit, although I do try to keep it PG. My blog is not about sex, it's about love and most of all, passion. Enjoy the blog. Instagram - saz_ezat ---- Snapchat - sazezat

Oberammergau (Bavaria, Germany) is best known for its famous Passion Play, which is staged only every 10 years; the next one will take place in 2020. Surely the world's longest-running show, it began in 1634 when the town's citizens took a vow to give dramatic thanks after they were spared from the devastating plague of 1633.

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Patricia Ann. You are in my heart my dear. I want to see that smile I adore. I miss you, Tricia! I will see you again my friend. I just have to!

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Oberammergau, Germany - Went there for the Passion - Amazing...

We all strive to be organized! This post gives tips and examples on how to get ready to do the best kind of therapy ever--play based!

DB very possibly during the filming of the flashback scenes of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

Made by Joey #145 Finish My Tile Series "Barberpole" frame For my last post of 2016, I'm trying to play a little catch-up. My draw...