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This water chart shows you how much water you should drink every day

Daily Water Schedule - easy to manage/follow water intake...using one water bottle with a marking for each hour of the day.

NO MORE SODA! This is what happens when you drink soda...so glad I don't drink it!!!!

drink more water. New ways to drink water and still get the benefits!

Hydracoach calculates the amount of water you need to drink each day based on your weight. As you drink, it lets you know how much is left for that day

Drinking water at the correct time

I'm pro running and anti-"dieting". Obviously make healthy choices with eating but I believe you can have that cake and ice cream, just put in some work. There is always time, being healthy and losing weight should not be "easy". Love this chart... Diets can't do all this...

A full-body dumbbell workout!!!

How to measure for weight loss..more accurate than watching the scale.

Only for my Waist? ufff

Three Ways to Reduce Chemicals in Bath Water

More health benefits of drinking water

Everyone needs this.

Small changes that can help you lose weight

Making sure you drink your 2L of H20 per day... I love this! Need it!

It really makes you sweat

Water intake

Skinny Rules

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The 9 Healthiest Coffee Drinks and Smoothies