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25 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet in 2012 green smoothie quinoa kale beans tofu sweet potatoes tahini berries pineapple/papaya avacado acai macrobiotic meals whole graines smoothies soba noodles tempeh

24 healthiest foods

The health benefits of Lime Water

24 healthiest foods you can eat apricots avocados raspberries tomatoes cantaloupe melon cranberry juice raisins figs lemons

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Kale Recipes You'll Actually Eat

15 Kale Recipes You'll Actually Eat . According to the World's Healthiest Foods, kale is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, fiber, fatty acids, and cancer-preventing phytonutrients.

Snack    3/4 cup cucumber slices  1 1/2 cups carrots, sliced*  1/4 cup salsa for dipping  1 large egg, hard-boiled    *Crunch carrots in the afternoon and you'll munch less at dinner. The fiber helps keep you satisfied.    Total: 182 calories

Flat Belly Eating Plan

Flat Belly Eating Diet Plan: Recipes for Easy, Healthy Meals - Women's Health Magazine

Healthy Recipes Under 500 Calories! I   really hope these don't suck because they look awesome!

Lose Weight With These 50+ Meals Under 500 Calories

21 Healthy, Filling Meals Under 500 Calories (pay special attention to the sweet potato burgers and quinoa/cabbage dish--those sound really good.

16 Fat-Burning Foods & Drinks

16 Fat-Burning Foods and Drinks.Grapefruit, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, etc. a great superfood list.

20 Quick and "healthy" breakfasts. I like some of these ideas. They get beyond Starbucks and a scone OR the ol' fashioned eggs and bacon. Fruit in the morning is great for digestion. Vegetables introduced an hour after eating fruit or fruit juice. It'll help balance your pH and ease your digestion.

20 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas-maybe now I can eat something other than PB toast every morning.

Burn fat not muscle. This is perfect with tea. I followed the recipe for a snack and then went for a long walk - felt great!

10 Healthy Lunch Ideas For The Busy Mom Avocado Sandwich Cottage Cheese and Fruit Fresh Tomato and Cottage Cheese BLT Turkey and Cucumber Sandwich Tuna Fish Apples and Peanut Butter Quickie Salad Baked Potato Fast Food Option