disney movie night ideas... Menu ideas to go with each movie. Great ideas and so fun for kids.

Disney dinner and a movie night ideas for various Disney classics!

Momma's Playground: Movie Tickets

Disney Movie Nights!! Themed Dinners followed by the movie!! 10 movies featured on this post. Perfect for family nights

Aladdin Menu - Aladdin Movie Night - Disney Movie Night - Family Movie Night

Helpmamaremote inspired this movie tray for the kids. Movie night at home with the kids are so much fun!

Drive in movie party - kids decorate their cars with markers and stickers before the movie. Such a cool idea!!!

101 Almost FREE things to do with your kids this summer. ~ List of ways to save money on entertainment will give you lots of great ideas on places to go and things to see.

Tangled Dinner Menu - Tangled Movie Night - Disney Movie Night - Family Movie Night

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

The Uh Oh Bucket - "You left it out, I picked it up. I've got your stuff , you're out of luck! To get it back must do a chore, and again it is yours just like before!"

Frozen Menu - Frozen Movie Night - Disney Movie Night - Family Movie Night

Disney Family Movie Night - Finding Nemo menu

Are you sick of hearing "I'm Bored"? Check out this bright and fun Bored Jar. Half simple chores (designed for kids ages 4-10) and half fun, imaginative play ideas, plus some blanks for you to fill in your own (based on your child's age and interests)! Come grab your FREE PRINTABLE!

Disney Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen - I WANT!!!

Fun birthday traditions for your kids!

The 50 Best Read-Aloud Chapter Books for Young Kids

So fun

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My kids could do this all day!!!