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    I love this library soooo much. And maybe a big manor house to go with it ;)

  • Kelly Allen

    Another view of perhaps the most beautiful bookstore in the world. Lello & Irmao in Porto, Portugal usually makes the various lists of  The Top 10 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.  It opened in 1906 and  features stunning Art Deco woodwork, a stained glass ceiling, and ornate shelving with a dramatic staircase up the center of the store. This is definitely somewhere I would go on vacation..a book store!! Heaven!

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The infographic from plagiarism detection engine Unplag presents eleven famous writers who had taken unusual jobs before they started making money from selling books. Harper Lee was a reservation clerk for Eastern Air Lines. Kurt Vonnegut was selling Saab cars. J.D. Salinger worked as an entertainment director on a Swedish cruise liner. Charles Dickens labeled jars in a shoe polish factory.

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BIBLIOPHILE Lilys Library I am definitely a bibliophile! Anyone else?

Points...for one of the most accurate spongebob replies.

Neil Gaiman's library. enough said.

Shadow Archetypes: helpful resource for organizing your thoughts into a fleshed-out character if you're writing a villain with a personality disorder. Most will fit into an archetype.

The first step is admitting it, the second is to keep reading.

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Say yes to a librarian in school, public and private libraries. Regardless of collection, books and patrons get better service.

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Wish I had thought of this game when I was a kid....but nothings says I still cant use it :-)

I'm reading!

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