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Party pooper 💩🎉 - Happy New Year dears!!! I hope you had a wonderful time last night celebrating. My talented friend Sharon @thedessertpantry and I thought it would be fun (and silly) to do a 💩 emoji themed collab for a NY post 😄 (because now that the New Year is here we can leave all the 💩 that occurred in 2016 behind 🙌🏻). For my picture I piped 💩 shaped marshmallows and dipped them in chocolate (is it too weird to say this sh$t is delicious?! 😂), then I added emoji faces using…

This basket was made by my friend Sharon, I won it at a PCBM meeting.

Angels Are Often Sent as Friends - Friendship Art - Art for Friends

Skinnamarinky-Dinky-Dink, Skinnamarinky-Doo - The Elephant Show - mom swears no matter where it was my internal clock always knew when it was time for the Elephant Show

God was my best friend through it all. Because when you are the one everyone counts on for favors, they do NOT want you to need anything. Friendship is a one-way street. Only God reaches out and he and my family is all I need.

Maine Coon Beauty - 2nd January 2016

Check out the awesome face on this kitty…and what a fabulous tail !

Prince and Sharon Jones