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Science Notebooking. This is a blog about using notebooking for science, lots of pictures and examples!

activity for science notebooks on lab safety -- many, MANY links on interactive notebooks

Classroom Freebies Too: Looking for a Science Notebook Rubric?

Looking for a Science Notebook Rubric?

Science Notebooking: End of Year - ABC Books

End of the year idea.use blank hardcover books to write an ABC book about third grade (A is for algebra, W is for Walk in the Park) Beyond an ABC sheet!

Science Notebooking: Student Choice

Science Notebooking: Student Choice for output pages (Scaffolded up so that they knew how to do the options.

Revised Title Page for notebooking

Science Notebooking: Title Page for units

101 science websites for teachers #homeschool #education #science

101 Science websites for teachers including SciShow, ChemiCool, Cell Craft, and more. These websites are here and easily accessible for a future classroom.

The Science Penguin: Force and Motion Anchor Chart

Tide Pools, Reefs, and Sharks, Oh My: Life Science and Oceans

Study guide using notebooks: Create a two table grid in a word doc. You put a question on one side and the answer on the other. You can leave the answer part blank and students can fill that in during class.   The paper can then be folded in half and students can self quiz themselves (questions will be on one side, they try to answer, and then they flip it over to check themselves).

privacy shields out of file folders, give each student a quiz and a puzzle so everyone can finish without pressure, cut and paste assessments etc