This is so true. Make every day, every moment worth it. Because the time you spend doing things, you can never get back

So true.


Keep this in mind!

It's not what We have in life, But who we Have in our life That matters | Summer made this with


So true~

So true.

The older I get the more I know this is true!


Most of my close friends are married or well on their way.... I feel like I'm not ready but at the same time, I'm tired of all the nonsense and bullshit surrounding that right now. Everyone I meet is hung up on social rules that are nonsense.... I want someone who doesn't play games... All in time...

Today will never come again.


What MEN SECRETLY want but won't tell you.. CLICK TO FIND OUT. This is so true! I never thought of this.

very true

In fitness and in life.

Don't worry about those who talk behind your back, they're behind you for a reason. #Life #Quotes #True


This is literally like my favorite quote of all time! Especially since i'm going to be an engineer... Albert Einstein #quotes #inspiration