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    romantic hugs and kisses with my lover at the beach - MY FAVORITE THING!

    lovers, friends, lovers...

    kissing on the beach:)



    lovers :)

    The 50 Most Romantic Things That Ever Happened - BuzzFeed Mobile

    Summer of Love, whether it's once, twice or three times if you're lucky, being in love is the best & worst of times!


    When love lasts it is a choice between lovers to grow together.

    Picture perfect!



    PART 6: "I'll miss you" i said "Its just for a month" Zach said calmly "I don't want you leave what if..." He interrupted me "That's not going to happen i promise" i started tearing up "Moira don't cry" He pulled my hair behind my ear. I looked up "I'll miss you" He told me "I'll miss you too" he kissed me. I held his hand..... "I love you Zach" "And i love you Moira" i smiled and hugged him..... PART 7 WILL BE COMING!



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    take it all in with the one you were meant to be with forever.