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THE GRENDEL AFFAIR by Lisa Shearin 4 bats review by Kate of ALL THINGS URBAN FANTASY

This addictive and wildly imaginative series stars hero Atticus O'Sullivan: a handsome, tattooed Irishman who looks like a young rock star, but is in actuality a 2,000-year-old Druid with extraordinary magic powers. In Shattered, Atticus and his apprentice Granuaile travel to India to battle an ancient plague-summoning demon...and meet an important person from Atticus's past! (2014 Release of Iron Druid Chronicles)

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Sanctuary (Dragon Jousters 3) by Mercedes Lackey: Epic Fantasy Book Review

(23) Sanctuary (Dragon Jousters #3) by Mercedes Lackey | Epic Fantasy ~ Sanctuary. A place of refuge and safety for both dragons and riders. But soon it will become much more. It will become a new home to former residents of both countries, Alta and Tia, as they flee an evil which feeds on death.

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The Twisted Citadel by Sara Douglass (Dark Glass Mountain: Book Two)

(2) Review of ♥ The Twisted Citadel (Dark Glass Mountain: Book Two) by Sara Douglass ♥ #EpicFantasy ~ 5 Stars ~ This story picks up right where the cliffhanger ending of book one left off and with another powerful character metamorphosis. Sara Douglass has a way of grabbing you right out the gate and making you realize that you better hold on tight. You are in for one heck of a ride. Epic Fantasy at its finest!

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Microwaveable Heating Pad: Homemade Christmas Gifts

These easy-sew heating pads can be made in less than an hour, and they make great gifts. 100 Days of Homemade Christmas Gifts at The Happy Housewife

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Sanctuary by Rowena Cory Daniells (Outcast Chronicles: Book Three)

(15) Sanctuary by Rowena Cory Daniells (Outcast Chronicles: Book Three) ~ If you want to know what my definition of true Epic Fantasy entails; this book/series is a prime example. Nothing is simple, there are no easy answers, and don't get too attached to the characters. There is no telling who will or will not survive.

Shards of Time by Lynn Flewelling | Nightrunner, BK#7 | Publisher: Del Rey | Publication Date: April 1, 2014 | | #Fantasy

Invasion by Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libbey, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee

Easy Canvas Tote Bag with Pocket. Step by step DIY Tutorial.

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire