One of These Things is Not like the Other....

the Avengers| I was too busy laugh at Tony and marveling at how spot on the acting was to feel insulted about how quick my religion was brought up and put down on the big screen. I seriously do love the fact though that Captain America tried to defend Christianity.

avengers-before-and-after #humor #avengers #funny I could not take Paul Lynde as Loki..... Could not!

Meet the Robinsons dialogue in the Avengers.

Visual effect artists make the difference… I know that this is supposed to be all respectable and everything, and I really respect visual effects- but I think i'd still watch the non-visual effects just.. well to laugh at it really Laugh at how they look hahaha do you see some of them up there?? OHMYGOSH. And of course to realize how incredible visual effects are :D

Hahaha OMG

The Avengers

Avengers - Age of Ultron - Marinko Milosevski ---- Hero Complex Gallery presents "Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Art Showcase" (2015-05)

pretty cute

The Avengers - what if they all posed like Scarlett Johannson :D


Hulk-Kitty is characteristically always angry!

accurate #Avengers

Lololol hilarious


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The avengers

Age of Ultron Avengers T-Shirt: Marvel Comics The Avengers T-Shirt

Hobbes And Bacon (Calvin & Hobbes 26 years later) Almost made me tear up. I will love Calvin and Hobbes until the day I die.