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    Cloud inspector (science for kids, weather activity)

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    • Martha Scobie

      Cloud inspector. What a clever way to teach kids about types of clouds! So many other ideas from this concept.

    • Heidi Ricken

      possible nature idea. we could make these cloud identifiers and watch the clouds with the kids so they can learn the different types of clouds.

    • Karen Rothman

      Maybe a little old for preschool... Great idea for a science kit. Cloud inspector (science for kids, weather activity)

    • Jillian Spackman

      Cloud inspector. What a clever way to teach kids about types of clouds! for sale products, but the ideas are great and new

    • Lisa Schmude

      Cloud inspector (science for kids, weather activity) @Tonya Downing - I remember talking about types of clouds and pinterest activities... here ya go :)

    • Betty Brooks Longden

      Cloud inspector. My daughter learned all about the types of clouds in 1st grade. Awesome idea for kids!

    • Bobbi Huffman

      Cloud inspector, for our weather unit and different types of clouds!

    • Terre Haute Children's Museum

      Weather science experiment

    • Vanessa Johnson

      Here's a great way to teach about cloud identification and classification! Each child makes their own Nature-Watch Weather Window - a hand-held frame with a variety of cloud types classified by altitude. Then, head outside and match real clouds to the photos on the Weather Window. Identify the cloud type and discuss what type of weather might follow as a result. Our exclusive activity guide provides all of the information needed to teach about cloud identification - even if the instructor has no previous knowledge on this subject. Ages 4 and up. Everything you need is provided! Unit Goals and Concepts: Discover clouds and weather in an exciting way. Classify types of clouds and learn the weather they bring. Make a Weather Window that can be used to identify clouds and predict weather. Materials Included: All the materials you'll need to make your Weather Windows. Tacky glue. Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that makes planning the project easy and delivers loads of fun ideas for activities, games and relevant projects. Also includes a reproducible worksheet for your participants.

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