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    Yes! Our milk was delivered by a man who looked just like this!! :)



    • syd

      The milk man...REALLY!!! I was really little then but in the early 60's I remember that the milk man delivered milk to your door. He put it in the metal box that we kept on the door step that kept it cool.

    • linda johnston

      Had this thru the 50's. Milkman delivering milk to the door in glass bottles. Absolutely came on horse drawn wagon refrigerated with blocks of ice.

    • Gg

      I don't remember ever seeing our milk man but I definitely remember having glass milk bottles delivered to our front porch where our wooden milk box was...

    • Irene Johnson

      The milkman came twice a week....empties by the front door and a gallon of fresh whole and horribly high cholesterol bottles....awesome tasting. The Good Old Days....SH

    • Charlie Rakowsky

      The milk man delivering fresh milk right to the front door. I always wanted Mom to get the "good butter"

    • Joan Hockman

      This is how we got milk, in glass bottles that the milk man brought twice a week. If you needed more or less than usual, you left him a note.

    • Debbie Breithaupt

      A milk man came to my Grandmother's house...she left a note for chocolate bottles

    • Jeannine Tippins

      Mr. Martin, ( "a.k.a "the Milk Man") delivered our milk, which was in glass bottles.

    • Sara Paschal

      Mr Timmerman was our milk man. Early 70's

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