Yes! Our milk was delivered by a man who looked just like this!! :)

The ice cream man!!

Fill ‘er up. remember gas station attendants?

Yes, remember the days

The Milk Man

The best wheels ever! I didn't even own a bike, I used these to get around everywhere, including in the house before Dad got the tiles down. My strap was brown

Doing the Twist...Oh, do I remember this :)

I pledge allegiance to the flag...

1969 - Staying up to watch the moon landing.

Hop Scotch...loved...

those were the days

Remember S Green stamps?

Jungle gym. Terrible when wet and freezing cold. Burning hot in summer. Girls wore dresses so wasn't the best for climbing, if you didn't want your panties showing.

these are what the monopoly pieces looked like when I was lilttle

Little Golden Book - Frosty the Snow Man

I remember this pattern! I actually made one.

Made our hair super shiny!

Remember these!? Oh yes - Pop-it-Beads!

The days of the milkman

Remember these?

Old Maid card game...I remember that face! haha