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What is a scientist - I wish my anchor charts looked like this! If only we had time for science...this chart is awesome.

anchor chart...had Fido draw it...cuz I am not an artist. Kids came up with great ideas.

Then we created our own little scientists and talked about what makes US a scientist. (me-Change to Readers anchor chart first see post or other pin.)

Could do this for Community can decide what they want to be when they grow up and they can write about it inside their "shirt/uniform"

What is a Scientist poster...will have a mirror on the face. Want my kids to know that THEY are the scientists!

Write like a Scientist--great examples of anchor charts for informational writing!

We are ALL Scientists! - Kindergarten Kindergarten. Great first week of Science lessons!

I love science. I love science teachers. This is what we should be teaching to our children!! Along with math, spelling, art and music. How sad that we just teach to test in CA.

After discussing what a scientist is and what s/he does, students made their own 'foldable' scientist. Inside they wrote up a Tree Map (Thinking Maps) of what a scientist has, can, and use. (Follow link for more details)