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Coke can glass

The Heifer Pitcher

Glass unzipped bag candy holder

Honey Bee jar

landline love

unzipped glass zipper bag. I love candy, and this is such a fun way to display them.

I want one!! alice in wonderland doorknob - turn the handle and the eyes change!

Adding an extra festive touch to any occasion with these stemless wine glasses with gorgeous copper detailing for a modern look.

Ice shot glasses


Gallon Pour ThingNo more spills, and no struggling with a heavy jug!

Lace Vase by Milk Design is a rubber neck which can be fit onto a container to make a vase. #Lace_Vase #Vase #Milk_Design

Drunk glasses. I want these.

Glass Refrigerator Jug (Set of 2) $.9.99

"A great way to display cookies!" If this is considered classy, how downgraded is the plastic version? Really, would it be that bad if you just had the plastic one, instead of the new, fancy, glass one?

MUSIC CLOCK that is also a Math timing clock - TEACH students FRACTIONS with music notes. If you examine the value of the notes if in 4/4 time, each corresponds to the hour. E.g. 7 PM = 4+2+1 counts :} - DdO:) - - Cute square baby blue electric clock with second hands. Photo pin via Carole Blake.


I don't know if I would be able to sleep on this but it is cool