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I'll always apologize. I'll always love you. I'm not perfect. I will fight for you till the day I die.

Drake Quotes about relationships

When someone is worth it, you are willing to stop flirting with other people to prove it to them – felt this with my ex

Im glad im not the only one my mind never stops thinking i mean obviously but yanno what i mean....i hope i love thinking although people think im weird because id rather hang out with the adults or boys not cuz i want boyfriends but cuz i just dont like girl drama not saying all girls are dramatic i mean i am one

why do i doubt that all these 'drake quotes' are things he's actually said. lol maybe i AM that smart girl. but i doubt any guy finds these smart girl qualities attractive unless they're hungry for the waffle.

This would suck beyond description

You promised you would never hurt me, right? We were almost lovers, always more than friends but less than a couple. Truth be told, I can never let you go for I love you deeply. But you hurt me

moving on

"If you ignore me, I won't wait around. I won't bug you, I just won't talk to you. Simple as that. Sure it's going to be hard. It's going to hurt. But it won't hurt as much as being ignored, because I deserve better than that. I'll move on and find s

"When you hug the person that you love, you get that warm fuzzy feeling. You feel so many emotions at once: love, comfort, security, warmth, excitement. It feels as if everything in the world is just right, and you don't want the hug to end and so you hug the person even tighter." - Drake (Ashley OJ says Vicky Cespedes and visa versa)

drake is always on point I love you baby I can't wait to feel you hug me

I'm not a fan of Drake's. But this is how I feel at this exact moment....sadly. :/

"Good luck trying to find someone who cares like I did, who understands you like I do, who is forgiving like I am. & when you realize there's no one out there like me, I won't be here where you left me.


So so true.I'm not desperate for a relationship.but I do miss the feeling of having someone that can make me smile,give me butterflies in my stomach every time we're together.Someone that I can call mine.

<3 I hate that I care so much..I have been through so much, lost friends, gained friends, lost family, gained more..divorced..Its been tough..Ive been hurt, talked about, lied about, turned inside out..but I will always forgive && let go of the bad. I am a caring person that moves on && hopes for the better. <3 I see this as a strength of mine. If I care about someone..I won't give up on them. even if they don't deserve it.

Explains me perfectly. I will always care, no matter what. People always say I'm too nice. But the world could do with a few more "too nice people".

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Love If you love someone, tell them. Because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.: If you love someone, tell them. Because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.

Love this

i wanna see you. and hug you. and make you smile. and make you laugh. and just lie on the couch next to you. and then just fall asleep beside you. it 'd be nice. (So I did and it WAS nice! Always is :) Can't wait until the next time.