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Kool aid to color my harrre

let me find my lip balm to fix my crusty crusts.im goin to meet peter at tha park. "push up man helps me to get my man"

Why you datin' in a war zone?! A great question, glozel! THANK YOU! anyone notice the giraffe with a wig on behind her?

"I'll catch a grenade for ya? First of all, why you datin' in a war zone? Where is you that someone is throwin' grenades at you?" Haha I love Glozelle!

Senior Picture Wins

Senior Picture Wins

Funny pictures about Senior Picture Wins. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Picture Wins. Also, Senior Picture Wins photos.

Aladdin meets Les Miserables lol

All This For A Loaf Of Bread?

(Les Mis and Aladdin! Fun Fact: This line in Aladdin was in reference to Les Miserables! Lea Salonga, who sung for Jasmine in the movie Aladdin, played Eponine on broadway.) IDK why but I laughed SO hard when I saw this!

HILARIOUSLY AWESOME DANCE 3 by Carroll Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders

This was hilarious, disturbing, and awesome all at the same time! These boys had to have practiced this thing a thousand times to get the timing down that good! That's a lot of energy right there! I needed a good laugh. FUNNIEST THING OF MY LIFE

You can't not make fun of these to be honest.

I was dying reading these out loud in my living room, but my roommate does not think any of these are funny. I feel sorry for him and his lack of ability to make fun of hipster pictures.«««lol the lamp one 😂

so funny

Funny pictures about No touching the dog. Oh, and cool pics about No touching the dog. Also, No touching the dog photos.

Kardashian's awkward family photo. Why isn't this more popular?! So much awkwardness going on

Ok, really not photograph to LOVE in the sense of amazing photography, but this picture is hilarious. What' snot to love about a photo that's got to be SO embaressing for the Kardashians? talk about awkward family photo.

Best Yearbook Moments - i'm dying

Funny yearbook moments and quotes. Totally reminds me of my yearbook quote. Did I really put that my fav song was "back that thang up" by juvenile?