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  • Rayna Valade

    dwarf lemon tree and other good indoor plants miscellaneous-home

  • Lynnet Loden

    dwarf lemon tree List of dorm room plant possibilities. CW

  • Sarah Perrin

    Six perfect plants for dorm rooms. I'd love to have a dwarf citrus tree in my room.

  • Cassie DuBay

    dwarf lemon tree: 6 plants for dorms and beginner green thumbs

  • Trenton Birdwell

    College Dorm plants ^ Dwarf Lemon plant

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great an over the toilet shelf unit over the headboard, above the bed! love those burlap curtains!

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Small Plant Grown From Lemon Seeds. 1. Soak lemons seeds overnight 2. Gently remove outer layer of seeds 3. Put back into water as you prepare soil. 4. Plant lemon seeds in a circle pattern. 5. Place small pebbles on top of seeds 6. Water occasionally and watch it grow. thehomesteadsurvi...'s not a "dorm" 2nd...this is still pretty good despite using the D word so many times!