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Close-up on the Behance Network — Designspiration

Love this brochure style

This is a portrait of Emily. The photo was taken beside a pond on a cold autumn day. Emily put her hands to her mouth to warm them with her breath. (Photo and caption by Dustin Angell)

What child would not want to do this? Kids are kids the world over. Vietnam - David Terrazas

bare nails..this is for all the ladies out there (like me) who cannot wear all the cool fingernail polish on pininterest because of their job. Bare nails are pretty too :P

portraits, sunset or sunrise, the magic hour

Ending tonight's pins on a 'how I feel right now' somber note. Every day doesn't end with vegetarian bears. Sometimes crying is necessary.

16 Striking Examples of Portrait Photography | Inspiration

“My boy, when the devil cannot reach us through the spirit… He creates a woman beautiful enough to reach us through the flesh.” ~Sensuelle's Picture Book~

Character profile - Mirelle "She had a name. Mirelle. But she couldn't remember it. She had forgotten who she was and why she waited, forgotten the boy named Toby who made her feel real. But Toby had never forgotten her."