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    • Jessica Roberts

      Addition Cups made from foam sheets and craft sticks.... Good idea for a math center

    • Teresa Klaege

      Addition or Subtraction sorting cups with equations on craft sticks #ece #kindergarten Other good math ideas too!

    • Elke Meuleman

      The sticks have different number sentences to make the number. You could do this with multiplication facts for finding common factors.

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    Addition/subtraction sorting - child needs to determine which sticks add up to the number on the bucket.

    Free shake and spill ladybug math mats for 4, 5, and 6 and a blank mat to fill in your own number.

    Addition on a Number Line - differentiated - Inspired in Second - TeachersPayTeache...

    number bracelets - A really fun way to teach addition.

    There is no printable but seems easy enough to make: number sense - might be a great center activity for 1st grade math! Should always have one math center deal with basic facts. This one might need to be parent/para/teacher led until the students get used to how to do it.

    Addition with HUMAN number line. This looks fun!

    Preschool Center: Clothespin cards for counting. Could easily be adapted to word work, alphabet recognition, etc.

    "decomposing" 1. Start kids with 2 colors of cubes ( 5 each) and indiv white boards and markers. Have them make a stick of 5 purple, 0 green. show how to write the equation. Decompose the number 5 with cubes and show ALL equations with sums of 5 with kids. 2. practice next day. 3. Day 3-give them cubes and this sheet (5) and paper squares as well.

    Im always thinking of ways to make math fun and creative in my classroom! Maybe if teachers had let me eat while I learned, I wouldve liked math! lol :)

    Math and art! With so little time for art projects these days, this is perfect to mesh it in with other subjects (girls could make flowers, boys could make a sun with rays)

    Students will learn how to Add on a Number. This worksheet assess students ability to use a number line to help them add numbers together. This worksheet addresses the standard 1.OA.6 adding and subtracting within 20.

    Domino Parking Lot. This is a cool idea. Just identify numbers, or add them, or multiply them. Lots of different ways to use this idea.