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Queen's ware "Nautilus" shape tureen and ladle, c1790. Josiah I was a keen amateur conchologist.

Edme teapot, cream ware or Queen's ware

Wedgwood Queen's Ware Mantel Clock

Wedgewood's Queen's ware

Queen's ware soup tureen, printed with a landscape after a wood engraving by thomas Bewick, c1777. The "Bewick" pattern was reintroduced on Queen's ware in the 1950s.

Wedgwood Queen's Ware plates, ca. 1860.

Queen's ware rococo coffee pot, overglaze-printed with "Liverpool Birds" by Guy Green, c1775.

A selection of Liverpool overglaze printing on Wedgwood Queen's ware, c1770-80.

Majolica dolphin candlestick, c1870. Wedgwood candlesticks of this form also appear in black basaltes and Queen's ware. They are believed to have been originally moldeled by Josiah I.

Porphyry ware vase, c1775. The Queen's ware body is surface-decorated to simulate porphry stone.

Queen's ware mug, overglaze-printed with a hunting scene, a typical Sadler and Green print, c1770.

Queen's ware table centerpiece (epergne) as illustrated in Wedgwood's 1774 Catalogue.

Representative pieces from an extensive Queen's ware dinner and dessert service, c1810.

herend--queen victoria

Queen's ware "Parapet" teapot, printed and painted with the "Agricultural Implements" pattern, c1805.

Small pearlware plate commemorating the coronation of Queen Victoria, circa 1838

“Apollo and Muses” amphora shape vase Josiah Wedgwood’s Etruria factory Staffordshire, England; about 1787.

Josiah Wedgewood - The Borghese Vase [Jasperware]

shade of red and aqua. i adore red transfer ware!

Vase with cover black basalt ware, Wedgewood. 1769-80

Rare Carlton Ware Crocus Pitcher