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    medieval: The Temptation of Adam and Eve. 1430s. Harley 2278 f. 1v

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    Aries the passionate Ram

    Aries the Ram

    Door Knocker, Bronze Aries Ram


    sunshine by fiona dunphy

    London Transport

    Petrus Apianus - Astronomicum Caesareum - Ingolstadt, 1540 volvelle - medieval instrument consisting of a series of concentric rotating disks, used to compute the phases of the moon and its position in relation to that of the sun (via stthomas95-deactivated20110527)

    NYC 'Ram Statue'

    Aries Ram Astrology Zodiac Zen Painting for March - April Birthdays. $15.00, via Etsy.

    A German walnut figure, c.1530, representing Saint Catherine of Alexandria; she is shown with her symbolic attributes, a broken wheel, a sword and a holy book; a pagan philosopher lies beneath her feet as a symbol of her triumph. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    n113_w1150 by BioDivLibrary, via Flickr

    Stucco over linen cartonnage fragment with horned bulls by tree branches.Three bulls are possibly Apis, as they wear a sun disc between their horns. Red, green, and orange surface secured to the linen base. Two lines of hieroglyphics. Displayed in a shadow box. New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty. 1200-1085 BC (7" x5")

    Nostre Dame de Grasse, Toulouse (spelled thus there), 15th century, Late Gothic. "If, in a Doomsday scenario, I could take with me just one work of art... I wouldn’t allow myself to be tempted by the more famous ones... a Sassetta predella, a Vermeer, a Manet - no, without hesitation I would choose: Notre-Dame de Grace. She is beautiful, and does not lack rivals.... But none is as close to my heart, as linked to my life." Philippe Aries, "Notre-Dame de Toutes les Graces"

    Zia photo by Roberto Botello. Predating the New Mexico flag, this sun is a symbol of happiness that appears in the iconography of a number of Native American cultures - same historical period as is handprint to the right. Members of the southern plains nations seem to have painted this over what appears to be prehistoric horned dancing figures.

    voider sun by Voider Sun 孙十七, via Flickr

    voider sun by Voider Sun 孙十七, via Flickr

    BOTTICELLI (1445-1510, Italy) Spring (detail) c. 1482

    kay nielsen

    Masolino The Temptation of Adam and Eve