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It's Throwback Thursday

Thanks so much for stopping by for Throwback Thursday! Hopefully you will grab a new idea on this Throwback Thursday or at least get a l.

Things that I love. Could have them draw pictures or tell adult...

Is it time to move on?

Things I Love: have your kids fill in the blanks. I'll probably do this all orally and do the writing for my youngest speechie kids, but some can write themselves. Cute for Valentine's Day!

Read the room, with bossy e! A freebie from Mrs. Pollard!

What We've Been Up To (in photos)

silent e. read the room. I have a group of kids who whould love this! They already know silent e.

Parent Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day!  This year, we are going to write this poem and draw a picture of our parents:   We'll write it on th...

Put a picture of each student in the center and say, & I keep growing one inch at a time I will always be your Valentine!& Place a piece of magnet tape on the back of it (the hand it made from foam paper). The Dollar Tree has foam paper in a 20 pack

Great Ideas on Using Play-doh in the classroom.... keep learning fun! Primary Possibilities

Great Ideas on Using Play-doh in the classroom. keep learning fun! This is a great way to teach number, time, and many other concepts. It helps the students be hand on with learning. However, the play doe could get messy.

including environmental print--have students bring in cereal boxes and assemble into a book

What is Environmental Print?

Great idea for a class book! "What's for Breakfast? Children bring in a box label of their choice.great way to include environmental print in the classroom!