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Dried Strawberries- 3 hrs at 210F -snack, put in muffins - yogurt

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An even better snickerdoodle

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Oreo Truffles! Always fun (and easy) to make. 1. Grind 1 package of Oreos 2. Mix with 1 package of cream cheese (or until you achieve a dough consistency) 3. Shape into balls - refrigerate for 20 minutes 4. Melt baking chocolate of your choice and dip those babies 5. Drizzle white chocolate over the top for an Oreo effect 6. Refrigerate - OR JUST EAT <3 #Oreo #dessert #recipe #food

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Peppermint Meltaway Cookies ~ one of my favorite holiday cookie recipes - can substitute many different flavors for the peppermint!

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Festive JELL-O Popcorn Balls Recipe - Kraft Recipes

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Get your soiree started with RITZ Crackers Ham and Swiss Spicy “Jamwiches.”