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Everyone knows that everything’s better with #bacon. But only a true bacon lover knows that there are few things better than this Mmmm Bacon design. It’s great as a gift and it’s sure to make everyone jealous … and hungry for bacon, of course. #gifts4all

it's better with bacon. BACON JAM, that is.

Enough with the baby spinach salads with strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette already! Here's a better way to incorporate strawberries into a savory salad—and it involves bacon.

Baked lima beans “prebranac”_Growing up in Croatia, my family smoked meats every year, & we had awesome sausages, prosciuttio, ribs, & much more. I love smoked meats! We just had a big order @ Ilowski’s this w/e, & would you look at that bacon! It's only in order, with such nice bacon, to share with you, one of my favorite dishes, & another favorite in the former countries of Yugoslavia, baked beans, better known as “prebranac” topped with sliced smoked bacon.

Do you ever wonder if there is anything that wouldn’t be better with bacon? Okay, there really isn’t any wondering. Everything is better with bacon, like Mac n Cheese for example. This recipe for Bacon Wrapped Mac n Cheese is so good. It’s made with turkey bacon so it’s a little bit healthier than it sounds. Your family will love it!

Why should you make this spinach salad with bacon tarragon dressing? Well… umm…bacon….need I say more? Let’s just say it’s a sneaky way to bribe your husband and kids into eating more vegetables! Aside from the not so healthy bacon (you do feel better when it’s nitrate free, #Bacon #Dressing #Salad #Spinach #Tarragon

<p>It’s Dip Time! What better way to relax on a lazy Sunday than whip up a big batch of Fried Corn Dip with Bacon? Yes, that’s FRIED CORN, BACON, loads of cheese and peppers! And just in case...

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