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Funny Confession Ecard: Wow honey, the house is so clean! Was the internet down for a while today?

I think I'll be printing these off and using them as congrats cards for my friends getting their first jobs. Hahahaha

For all myvfellow teacher peeps! Here's to hoping your students appreciate you more than the government does.

Hahahaha, true.

I just skim those flat belly pins. I wasn't BORN with a flat belly.

It's 2013, and STILL no fold button!!

I told someone something similar to this a while ago. I hate folding laundry!

You are what you eat!

Oh I so ate a sexy beast this morning."I'm sexy and I know it" HAHAHAHAHAHA!

this is funny bc i am suppose to be cleaning.. and instead Kristina and I went to stock up on alcohol and wine. for cheap prices lol bahaha

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Today, Ill be cleaning. And by cleaning, I mean drinking booze and spraying all my shit with Febreeze.