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Thug Life... I'm going to get this blown up and hang it on my wall. Star Wars for life!

Funny pictures about Ewok life. Oh, and cool pics about Ewok life. Also, Ewok life photos.

Don´t Panic! Take your Towel!!!   Não entre em Pânico, leve uma toalha, e que a força esteja com vocês.    via: http://www.webdig.com.br/13940/nerds-e-geeks-hoje-e-o-dia-do-orgulho-nerd-dia-da-toalha/#ixzz1vtHOmvd5

Unidentified stormtrooper reads Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 93 Pics.at least we didn't kiss our sister

if i were to ever do the family stickers on the car, this is how's i'd do it

Star Wars Family Car Decals For Moms, Dads, Kids & Pets

Family Car Sticker I can actually get behind: Star Wars Family Member Car Stickers

"The Other Side," by Jorge Pérez Higuera - a new series of photos by Spanish photographer Jorge Perez Higuera (http://www.perezhiguera.com/the-other-side) that takes stormtroopers out of context & places them in mundane scenes of everyday modern life. || more photos: http://www.wired.com/2015/09/jorge-perez-higuera-the-other-side/ #StarWars #StormTroopers

In his collection of photographs, called The Other Side, Jorge Pérez Higuera reveals the startlingly ordinary everyday lives of Stormtroopers

storm trooper eggs

Make some of these easy & fun storm trooper eggs to play egg & spoon races. Decorate the eggs and then do a storm trooper egg drop! make their space shuttle

andy-wells-stormtroopers-starwars-01  The Beatles would be honored.

The Adorable Stormtrooper Photography Of Andy Wells

Well it's a funny story.  My friend Jabba calls up one day.....

boba-fett-on-antique-roadshow. Haha, love it, especially since I love antiques roadshow.

Art by Marcelo Pereira

imperial beauty I am so not a Star Wars Fan, but LOVE American Beauty.

haha....get it....Han Solo....funny :) but now i feel like a maaajor nerd.

Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

It’s Dangerous To Go Solo! Take a Wookiee with. - It’s Dangerous To Go Solo! “ Take a Wookiee with you!

Star Wars

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That's got to be the slowest moving game of polo. View "Darth Vader on AT-AT Polo Shirt" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor


The fun side of the Dark Side. This is why I joined the dark side.