Using Curtain Rods to hang pictures. Love the dog too.

Framing around a door for photos hanging on each side of the door. Love this idea!

Hang Curtains With Hooks

Hang pictures from a curtain rod using ribbon...i love it!

Wall Gallery

painted ladder for hang-drying in the laundry room. kinda clever if you ask me :)

How to hang photos. Good to have!

Curtain Rod and some ribbon to hang the pics!! by farrahkenny

curtain rod pic holder

Use a shower curtain rod to hang cleaning supplies for origination - genius!

Spray-paint curtain rods?! Why have I never thought of this!!!!!

Such a good idea!

Cool way to hang curtains - love!

Sophisticated Mountain Home decor

Curtain rod, frames, ribbon, paper & letter stickers!!

curtain rod = hanger for picture frames

hangers as picture hangers in the laundryroom by Life as a Thrifter. Isn't this cool?

SO stinkin cute!!! Napkin rings and ribbons for hanging curtains. LOVE this!

A different way of displaying photos. Would be easier to add to than hanging individuals